The Maker

Award winning jeweler, Nohline L’Ecuyer, primarily works with silver and gold metal. She also enjoys working in other mediums including lampwork glass, enamel, and silver clay. Her love of color provides the impetus for mixing mediums in her unique, one-of-a kind jewelry pieces.

Born in South Africa and now living in California, Nohline began her jewelry design career over 20 years ago. Repetition of geometric forms provides major inspiration for the bold and clean lines in her jewelry, but look for the unexpected and that little touch of Africa in the work.



Care and Cleaning

Sterling silver jewelry will tarnish naturally. This can be delayed by storing your silver jewelry in a small plastic bag to limit oxidation. An anti-tarnish strip in the bag can also slow this process. To clean your silver jewelry, dip it in a solution of half water/half Tarn-X®, then rinse and dry thoroughly. Use a Q-tip dipped in Tarn-X® to clean around pearls.



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