January is Wire Weaving Month    Saturday, January 31, 2015

January had been put aside as the month to focus on wire weaving in the SRAJD group I belong to.


Check out the blog post.



Brooch by Jeanie Pratt


Do you include 'WHY' in your marketing?    Friday, January 9, 2015

It is not difficult to explain our creations - what they are - a necklace, pendant, pair of earrings or a bead.

How, we created these pieces is all very dry and factual - dimensions, materials, weight and the techniques.  Boring stuff.

But why did we create the piece of art?  What was the purpose, the cause, the emotion, the belief behind your creation.  Why were you inspired to create it?  Perhaps it was a challenge; a color; an event or raw materials.

The why is what creates the emotion to purchase as explained by this wonderful TED talk by Simon Sinek on leadership and the golden circle of inspiration.


If we change our profiles or the description of our art pieces and include the "why", will it increase sales.  I think it would.

Happy New Blog!    Sunday, January 4, 2015

The end of one year and the start of another is always the time that I, like many others, reflect on my achievements and misses in the past year. If I examine my report card, it echoes "needs improvement" in several areas of my life.


My husband and I retired earlier in 2014 and I am fortunate that I will now have the time to pay more attention and practice to my skills and crafts which makes me most happy.  However, parts and beads are scattered all over the house and studio; work stations are not optimal and in some cases, not even safe; my old web site was cumbersome to update and maintain and a blog was almost impossible; marketing and selling my work on-line was not happening because it was difficult to manage. So before I embark on my re-roganization, let me show you.....


..... my mess ....  In my little studio



The lampwork station which has ben overlapped by my torching station.


My findings, beads and finishedd piece stock room on the guest bed.

Parts inventory and unfinished projects on the bakers rack.


It's going to be an interesting year, so join me on this journey in 2015 and let's see where we go.


Happy New Blog.

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