About Us

My name is Nohline; I grew up in South Africa and now live in Southern California. 

My initial introduction into goldsmithing and jewelry was in 1995 when I studied metal fabrication under Christina Smith at Cypress College in California.

A local bead shop offered not only silver clay classes, but classes in soldering, chainmaille, wire wrapping and lampworking. A chance meeting with glass artist Wendy Ley, led to long discussion about lampworking and Beads of Courage.  And so it was that I decided to learn to melt glass. Within 10 minutes of starting the class, I knew I had found a passion.

There is something so mesmerizing about the flame, about watching the glass rods melt and transform, not knowing the true outcome until the glass has gone through the kiln process, often times getting something totally unexpected and wonderful.

Metal clay, which initially drew me back into making jewelry, is also fascinating in that you take a malleable mundane substance like clay, mold and form it, put it in the flame, and you come out with something quite spectacular. How intriguing is that! Cindy Pankopf has been my primary instructor; however a class with Hadar Jacobson and her base metal clays was so captivating.  I recently had the opportunity to spend three days with Anastasia Pribelskaya from Moscow.  She is incredibly talented and creative and has left a lasting impression.

I have received awards from Sawtooth School for Visual Arts, Winston Salem, NC; Fullerton College Art and have been published in The Flow magazine and the Soda Lime Times.

My picturesque garden studio has been my primary location for my creative endeavors. However, with my craft out growing my tiny space, it has become time to move into a larger and more organized studio

Where does that leave my style … constantly developing. . The African influence of bold, striking color will always be present in my work as it is so much part of me. Every teacher and experience leaves a mark and you can hear their words in your head as you try to work on a process.